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Icon Empress
An Oasis of Icons
May 7th, 2011 
stock :: horses
*resurrected* Yes, that's right - I'm back! It's been almost 2 years since I made that hiatus post. I had never intended for it to be so long but it just happened and it was very unfortunate. Firstly, my laptop's hardware broke shortly after my exams and I lost over half of my files, including the Photoshop program and other related stuff like textures and what not. It was a real bummer, I was so frustrated! I tried to retrieve everything with the help of my dad but failed..
I didn't feel like starting all over again from scratch so I gave up this hobby of mine.. =/

Secondly, my life was changing. I moved back to my homeland, Estonia, and left a relationship. Then I returned to uni and continued my studies, while dealing with personal issues and a surgery.
Basically, life got a little crazy in the end, and I had no time to think about making a comeback. At the same time, though, I missed doing something creative and I did check this place from time to time. Some of you left me very kind and thoughtful comment, so I just wanna thank you guys for all the support and I'm glad that you liked my graphcis so much! You're the reason why I'm back. :)

Just so you know - my style/taste in icons has changed a little, but not drastically. I'm just not so much into the whole pagan-gothic-fairy-fantasy thing anymore. I hope that isn't a disappointment. Now I'm a lot more appreciatve of stock and nature art. I'm also a huge movie buff so expect lots of movie icons in the near future! Oh and as for my spiritual views (if anybody's wondering), I've found myself leaning towards Tibetan Buddhism for the past 2 years or so.

Here's my new graphics journal/icon community if you're still interested:

So yeah, you can find my new stuff over there. I've already made my first icon post! PLEASE, FEEL FREE TO JOIN/WATCH! :)-
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